The Lodge Winslow

Not a lodge and not near Winslow…but interesting nonetheless!

Other, Non-Wine Related Attractions in Napa Valley

This temperate northern California region offers so much more than just wine. Indeed, the Nappa Valley was here long before the arrival of the wines that would come to define it. Rich in cultural history and the arts, set within a magnificent landscape and prized as a health and beauty spa retreat for more than a century, the Nappa Valley is worthy of exploration and admiration thoroughly on its own lush... read more

Fall in Palm Springs, California

In the city of Palm Springs, California, there are many things to do in the fall. The city has eight parks (Baristo, DeMuth, Desert Healthcare, James O. Jessie, Frances Stevens, Ruth Hardy, Sunrise and Victoria park) and one dog park – which is behind city hall. Many of them are open until ten PM. Sunrise Park offers grills and water squirting turtles for family outings, among other things. Another... read more

Block Island, Southeast Lighthouse, A Hauntingly Good Time

Block Island Southeast Lighthouse looks like any other lighthouse, standing majestically atop the Mohegan Bluffs on Block Island, Rhode Island. However, it’s not like other lighthouses. It’s haunted! Not only is this Gothic style lighthouse haunted, but reportedly, the entire 7,000 acre island it guards is haunted,too. The Block Island Southeast Lighthouse was built in 1874 along this dangerous bit of... read more

First Time Zip Lining Advice

There’s nothing like zipping fast through trees and feeling the wind on your face. Zip lining can be a scary experience, but it’s worth the thrill. You’ll be happy you did it. Unfortunately, most of the traveling population has yet to experience the excitement of zip lining. It’s important, before you judge the activity, that it’s been around for years–even centuries. It... read more