The Lodge Winslow

Not a lodge and not near Winslow…but interesting nonetheless!

10 Items You Should Bring Camping in the Midwest this Fall

Fall is the season where we see people camping the most–especially in the midwest region. With cooler temperatures, camping is much more desirable. In the fall, hunting season is well underway for wild turkey and small game, as well as others. Camping is a popular activity in the fall. In the midwest, there are some packing items that you need that you might not need in other parts of the country.... read more

Mystic Seaport – A Brief History

One of the most legendary maritime destinations in the U.S. is located right in Connecticut. Mystic, Connecticut has become the center of tourism throughout the years, primarily due to attractions such as the Mystic Seaport. Mystic Seaport has been a maritime destination for more than 300 years. There was never a time that the Mystic Seaport was not a home to ships, shops, and a shipyard. Since the 1600s,... read more

Don’t Pass Up These Hiking Trails in Killington, Vermont

The Green Mountains of Killington are calling your name. There are plenty of trails and slopes troughout the Appalachians in Vermont, and Killington is home to some of the best hiking and walking trails for a levels. You don’t have to be a skilled hiker to hit the trails. Killington has also made a detailed map and trail guide for the outdoorsy tourist who might be considering enjoying the beautiful... read more

Things to Do in Cape Cod this Fall

Now that fall has set in, looking for the best fall festivals and events is on everyone’s to-do list. Cape Cod in the fall is one of Massachussett’s hidden gems. The beautiful cape transforms into an eventful fall frenzy. When summer cools down into the fall months, the beaches become less crowded, perfect for escaping to the cape for some much needed relaxation and fall adventure. If... read more