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How the Parker House Hotel Contributes to the History of the IQ Test

On a recent trip to Boston, I had the good fortune to stay at the (now Omni) Parker House Hotel.  The particular lodge has been in continuous operation since 1855 and has played host to more famous people than you or I could possibly name in our lifetimes. Among the enfamed were writers such as Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry Wadsworth Longfellow; noted baseball... read more

10 Best Outdoor Activities in Crested Butte

People travel from around the country to visit beautiful Crested Butte in the state of Colorado. One of the reasons people visit this location is to participate in its outdoor activities. Here are ten of the best outdoor activities people can do while at Crested Butte. 1) Mountain Biking. Companies like Rim Tours and Big Al’s Bicycle Haven provide bicycle rentals as well as advice on the local... read more

7 Annual Events in Livermore, California

Every year, Livermore, set in the heart of Wine Country, hosts an array of events. Livermore Valley has something for everyone, whether you like sipping on spirits or running half marathons. The beautiful location lends itself to many annual spring events and festivals, as well as fun for the summer leading into the fall. Here are 10 annual events you cannot miss in Livermore: St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin... read more

Winter Events Happening in The Smokies

The Smoky Mountains along Gatlinburg, Tennessee are a hot spot for the winter months. There’s skiing, resort lodging, great shopping, and plenty of winter and holiday events. Here are ones that you can look forward to this winter: Winterfest Trolley Tour of Lights November 12, 2015 | This event that is only $5 per person will showcase the beautiful scenery around Gatlinburg, with a centerpiece on... read more

Mystic Seaport – A Brief History

One of the most legendary maritime destinations in the U.S. is located right in Connecticut. Mystic, Connecticut has become the center of tourism throughout the years, primarily due to attractions such as the Mystic Seaport. Mystic Seaport has been a maritime destination for more than 300 years. There was never a time that the Mystic Seaport was not a home to ships, shops, and a shipyard. Since the 1600s,... read more

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