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Doctor-Approved Cocktail Drinks

The title might be a misnomer because doctors will NEVER approve of alcohol and its effects on the body. However, if we must drink then we might as well know which drinks are the healthiest. Because even though we don’t want that traitorous liver cancer, we still want to add some fun to our short lives. The following list of healthy cocktail drinks are based on their nutritional value, calories, fruit... read more

The Charm of Log Cabins

Have some money saved up? Looking towards the future of luxury retirement? If the next big purchase you’re willing to make is a new home or cottage, what are you looking for? Obviously all the amenities, quality infrastructure, space, and utilities are necessary. But what about the look, feel, and spirit of your new lodging? Log cabins and wood flooring homes have all of the above and more. The main... read more

Everything I Never Wanted To Know About Pond Filters

Over my years of traveling I’ve taken a few jobs where it became important to know how to maintain a pond or water garden (this was initially not by choice). But, as it turns out, there’s much to know about running a pond filter, and if you’re willing, I will share this knowledge with you now. Water filtration is crucial to maintaining the integrity of your pond and keeping it clean. A... read more

Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Cause Health Problems?

What does air pollution mean to you? Most people would answer by saying that the specific type of pollution that impacts environmental air quality is known as air pollution. Hence, things like smog, haze, and other airborne contaminants are considered an intrinsic part of such air pollution. While this belief is not incorrect, it is not the complete truth either.  In other words, while the external air... read more

Cedar Siding and Termites…Friends or Foes?

One scare of homeowners is getting a bug or insect infestation at some point. Although those in cedar log cabins might think they are safe because of cedar’s repellent properties, not all pests find the scent undesirable. Native Americans used cedar oil to repel mosquitos and early Americans also used the oil to ward off common pests. While cedar oil is useful in modern times for keeping moths and... read more