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The Best Attractions on St. John, U.S. Virgin Islands

The smallest of the U.S. Virgin Islands, St. John is a captivating destination that features natural beauty, historic sites and idyllic beaches with exciting water sports as well as shopping, Caribbean cuisine and a laid-back nightlife. Virgin Islands National Park With two-thirds of the island set aside as a protected nature reserve, St. John has lush forests, pristine parkland and crescent bays with... read more

De-Stressing on a European Vacation

Europe is a dream destination for many travelers. Not only are the destinations beautiful and culturally fulfilling, but there are also always dozens of other fascinating and diverse countries only a short plane or train ride away. That’s precisely why many travelers end up doing Europe entirely the wrong way- with itineraries packed to the brim with travel and walking tours and sightseeing every... read more

Kaghan Valley: A Fairy-Tale Land in Pakistan

Pakistan is a land that hosts a multitude of various tourist attractions. However, Pakistan’s northern areas top the list of vacationing hotspots. The northern region is homed with lush mountains, fast-paced rivers, serene lakes and tall pine trees. The region shows hospitality to the tourists from within the country and outside the country. Although, all the valleys in Pakistan offer some unique... read more

My Trip Touring the Villa d’Este

Sometimes getting away from the hustle of the city can be immensely calming and reinvigorating, especially on a trip where you already have to adjust to different surroundings. So that was exactly what I did for one of my vacation trips to Rome. I decided to take a trek out to Tivoli, instead of being suffocated by the tourist crowds in the Eternal City and thanks to a tour from Rome I didn’t even have... read more

Visit Barcelona Attractions on a Budget

Barcelona is one of the most breath-taking cities across the whole of Europe.  The destination often catches the attention of travellers thanks to its huge number of must-see attractions. Better yet, most of these tourist sites are free to explore and those that charge for entry typically ask for only a small fee at the door.  This makes Barcelona a perfect destination for those hoping to enjoy a budget... read more

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