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Land Development and Real Estate

Land development refers to new houses, apartments, condos or other living arrangements being built to support a future or incoming population of buyers. With the heavy investment development requires, you can be sure developers have done significant research and are sure buyers will flock to the area. There are several ways you can take advantage of this, whether you’re looking for a new home for your family or for a solid real estate investment.

One of the biggest benefits to buying a home in a developing area is that the land will undoubtedly gain value in a relatively short time. A developing housing project means developing stores, golf courses, shopping centers, hotels and other attractions, which will come to the area, giving your formerly “undeveloped” land a noticeable improvement in value.

This makes new land development a valuable option for investors and residential home buyers alike. Even if you intend on living in your home, it is still a very big investment, and like any investment, you should think about what return you are going to get. In several years, when your job leads you elsewhere or when your kids go off to college, you’ll want to sell your home. Since the area will likely be newly developed and established, you’ll end up getting a great price.

Many other benefits await you if you plan on buying and living in a home in a newly- developed neighborhood. Because the area is newly developed, all of the local structures, including schools, businesses, stores and homes, will all be virtually unused and freshly built. Newly developed areas almost always share a low crime rate, low pollution and freshly built and cleaned utilities. You’ll also be able to take advantage of the most modern advances in building technology, which means filtered water, reliable power and other useful amenities.

The key to making the most profit out of a developing local real estate market is timing. First, you need to research on your own and alongside your real estate agent the best place and time to buy in the local market. If you happen to live in the the Corvallis Oregon area, take a look at some houses for sale in Corvallis Oregon. Jot down some prices, and some prices of some of their neighborhoods.Once you do find the right home, you’ll have to give the local area some time to get developed. Small neighborhoods can take less than a single year to be completely developed with shopping centers and clear roads, however larger communities usually take three or four years to become fully developed. This means you’ll have to have some patience, whether you plan on being an investor or a resident.

Either way, land development investments are often a great option if you’ve got some available cash. Not only are new neighborhoods freshly built and virtually unused, they can also be affordable and reasonably priced. Contact your local real estate agent and explore the newly developed land opportunities that are available for you in your local community, and you’re sure to find a worthwhile investment no matter your budget.

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