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A Luxurious Adventure at Mustang Monument in Nevada

Are you tired of taking the same type of vacation for every getaway? Are you looking for something more adventurous unlike a typical beach vacation? Not many travelers think about camping out on a wild horse reservation as a typical vacation idea. Mustang Monument is the the home of many wild Mustangs, and also an adventurous and luxurious getaway idea to consider.

What is interesting about the Mustang Monument is that while guests stay on this reservation, they are also able to learn about wild Mustangs and the reason why Mustang Monument was created in the first place. The number of Mustangs is unfortunately decreasing. At the Mustang Monument, 650 horses have been rescued and they roam in the same reservation that the guests camp near. There is a nonprofit organization called Saving America’s Mustangs that brings awareness to the issue of the decrease in Mustangs throughout America. This gives guests a neat opportunity to relax, and learn about an important issue simultaneously.

Guests at Mustang Monument typically do not stay in hotels. Instead of the hotel, guests stay in a tipi or a cottage. Staying at Mustang Monument is not a rugged camping trip as you might have expected. But, at Mustang Monument, guests can upgrade your tipi or cottage to a luxurious style. Both tipis and cottages include similar amenities as any regular hotel would. Some of the luxurious tipis and cottages even include better amenities than some hotels have to offer.

Other than learning about the decreasing number of Mustangs in America during your trip, there are plenty of other activities guests can partake in. Some of those activities include horseback riding, wagon rides, hiking, archery, and playing horseshoes. Guests can also enjoy evening entertainment, Native American dancing and drumming around the campfire, and a safari trip to the mountain to view wild horses. Guests can also participate in an Native American beading class or have a relaxing spa day. If any of these seem of interest to you, then consider planning your next vacation in Nevada at the Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort in Nevada.

This article is provided by Mustang Monument Wild Horse Eco-Resort in Nevada, a luxurious guest ranch located in the center of a reservation for wild Mustangs.

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