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New M-1 Rail Train to Be Built in Detroit, Michigan

Detroit, Michigan has been struggling to rebuild itself for a decades now and Michigan residents have began to recognize some major steps in the right direction. Portions of Detroit have already been renovated, breathing new life into the city by drawing in young visitors. Places like Corktown and Cass Avenue have been rebuilt with new, trendy businesses that make the city feel a little more like the chic downtown that it wants to be. One major improvement that is in the process of being created is the M-1 Rail train. This train project is a 3.3 mile circulating streetcar that will travel along Woodward Avenue between Congress Street and West Grand Boulevard in Detroit. The aim of the M-1 is to create an opportunity for suburbia and city to be intertwined. 

According to their website, M-1 RAIL is a non-profit organization to lead the design, construction, and future operation of this streetcar. Founded in 2007, M-1 RAIL is the first major transit project being led and funded by both private businesses, philanthropic organizations, in partnership with local government, the State of Michigan, and U.S. Department of Transportation. The organization’s main mission or goal is to create an incentive for businesses to invest in Detroit and to aid in the positive urban renewal of Detroit.

The M-1 will span 3.3 miles with 20 stations serving 12 locations between Congress Street in Downtown to West Grand Boulevard, in the North End. The route will offer access to hundreds of businesses, connect neighborhoods and points of interest along the way, including restaurants, bars, and sports entertainment. Some stops will include Congress Street, Campus Martius Park, Grand Circus Park, Martin Luther King, Jr. Boulevard, Amtrak, and more.

The M-1 is more than just a form of transportation, the railway is aiming to stimulate economic development and growth in all areas of Detroit. The M-1 is expected to provide a major boost of more than $3 billion in development and 10,000 new housing unites over the next 10 years. This organization aims to help create jobs, make Detroit more accessible, and to expedite urban renewal.

Currently the M-1 RAIL is looking for a strong team of interns, high school to college age to aid in the development of the M-1. The internship program also aims to educate and provide interns an opportunity to get a hands on experience with a revolutionary organization. Potential applicants can apply on their website:

The M-1 construction began in July 2014 and is expected to be finished in late 2016.

About the Author: Sarah is guest contributor from America By Rail, offering luxury train tours to  various U.S. destinations.

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